The dressmaking class is wonderful in demystifying how to read a pattern. Freda taught us the necessary skills to make a basic skirt. Highly recommend!

Meghann, Dressmaking Bootcamp, Apr 2023

The course was a fantastic introduction to sewing patterns and skills such as invisible zip insertion, use of interfacing etc. I would very much recommend it to anyone starting to tackle creation of a garment.

Louise, Dressmaking Bootcamp, Apr 2023

The Sew Easy Sewing Skills Bootcamp was a very comprehensive introduction to sewing using a machine. There was such a sense of accomplishment with not one but two projects finished in the two days of the course. I’d highly recommend it to anyone starting to use a machine or considering buying a machine.

Louise, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Mar 2023

Attended class as a complete beginner, left class with the confidence and basic skill to get creative with my machine.

Eilish, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Mar 2023

Fabulous weekend. Freda shares so much knowledge and instills so much confidence into her students. Thank you.

Jennifer, Dressmaking Bootcamp, Feb 2023

Always a delight. Very well taught, I never end with a question unanswered. Will return in the future.

Kristi, Dressmaking Bootcamp, Feb 2023

I’ve done more in one weekend of sewing than I’ve ever dreamed of.

Ethné, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Jan 2023

I attended the sewing basics bootcamp and learnt so much. Freda explains the basics very thoroughly. I really enjoyed the weekend it has ignited a passion for a new hobby.

Rhona, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Jan 2023

Absolutely delighted. It was so informative I really enjoyed it. Thank you

Learned so much, time just flew by – enjoyed every minute. Freda did everything at a pace to suit the entire group. Delighted to go home with my tote bag and cushion cover, will be back for another course – Thanks so much.

Deirdre, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Jan 2023

Small classes, every student got great attention. You can come to the boot camp knowing nothing and come away very knowledgeable – Really would recommed.

Gráinne, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Jan 2023

My confidence grew from zero to 100 over the two days.

Deborah, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Jan 2023

Absolutely brilliant course. I went from having no skills and confidence with sewing to feeling very excited and confident about what is possible.

Mary, Sewing Skills Bootcamp Nov 2022

Absolutely loved it – so much fun and learned so much – and looking for more

Anna, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Nov 2022

Was way more than I expected! Freda is absolutely lovely, very skilled and kept the whole weekend in great energy! I feel well able to buy my machine and start sewing away.

Miriam, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Nov 2022

Brilliant course, I learned so much! Will definitely recommend to anyone starting to sew.

Heidi, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, May 2022

Very Enjoyable and instructive weekend. I feel confident in the new skills I’ve learned

Joan, Sewing Skills Bootcamp April 2022

The sewing bootcamp has empowered me to finally use my sewing machine for up-cycling and alterations. I’m excited about everything I can do now.

Cara, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, May 2022

I couldn’t sew with a machine at all. I was only thinking of alterations but now I want to make more stuff from scratch
Eric,  Sewing Skills Bootcamp, May 2022
The Bootcamp was very good for revising basic dressmaking skills (as well as general sewing and machine skills).  One always gets a lot of helpful tips and it’s nice to meet other people with the same interest.  Freda is a great teacher, always pleasant and helpful no matter how silly our mistakes and of course she is very skilled at sewing.
Rhona, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Sept 2021
I want to thank you for an excellent course. Great communication skills and very friendly delivery. For a revision course there was very good tips and I understood the mistakes I made before.
Ailish,  Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Sept 2021 
I wanted to let you know that the “Sewing Bootcamp” was brilliant.  I really enjoyed it. Thank you for your time and patience with me, as a beginner I was struggling a little to keep up and you were a great support. I would definitely recommend Sew Easy to anyone wanting to learn. I am practicing away and am just about to put in my first zip, by myself. I will definitely be back.

Barbara, 6 week Dressmaking Course, Sept 2021

Maebh is highly skilled, creates a great atmosphere and goes out of her way to help everyone in the class achieve amazing projects whatever their level.  I can’t believe just how much I’ve learned and how much fun I’ve had over the past few years since I started going to her classes.  She is truly inspirational.

Lynda, 6 week Dressmaking Course, Sept 2021

I have been with Maebh for three years and look forward to her classes every time.She is supportive, encouraging and aware of everyone’s skill level and caters brilliantly to them.It is always an enthusiastic and fun learning experience and one I would recommend thoroughly.

Philippa, 6 week Dressmaking Course, Sept 2021

I look forward every week to my sewing class. Maebh is a fabulous teacher, patient and supportive taking you step by step through a process and differentiates for all levels of experience. She has a passion for sewing and encourages and empowers her students to try new techniques and make garments and quilts etc to a high standard of finish. Maebh offers constructive advice which always adds something extra to your work. Within the class she has created an atmosphere which is non judgmental and allows for sharing ideas and tips.

Anna Marie, 6 week Dressmaking Course, Sept 2021

Maebh, Your ability to give everyone in the group the individual attention needed, while passing on lots of incidental sewing tips, make the evening fly past.  When I want to progress projects in-between classes, I have always been given the addition information to allow me carry on at home.  You are a wealth of advice and understanding which makes the classes informative and entertaining.  Your encouragement to share ideas make it a most enjoyable escape from the norm.  Under your guidance, I have been given the confidence to attempt projects I would not have otherwise tried.
Deirdre, 6 week Dressmaking Course, Sept 2021

“Was really informative and enjoyable. Great pace and kept me interested and challenged all the way through.”
Barbara, Beginners Bootcamp, Feb 2020

“Exceeded my expectations.  Would highly recommend.  I was a complete beginner but feel confident enough to do my own projects.”
Sinead, Beginners Workshop, Feb 2020

“Exceeded expectations. Very happy with the cushion and have learnt so much in two days.”
Edward, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Feb 2020

“Course was a great introduction to sewing. Freda is an excellent teacher. The class is small and provides a great basis for beginners to sewing.”
Helen, Intro to Sewing Bootcamp, Feb 2020

“Amazing content. Easy to follow. Freda is amazing!”
Louise, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Jan 2020

“Feeling very confident in using my sewing machine. Lovely projects to bring home.”
Caragh, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Jan 2020

“Excellent course, really clearly explained, perfect pace, nice and simple, couldn’t be better.”
Rory, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Jan 2020

“Absolute brilliant course. Will be recommending it to everybody.”
Tricia, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Jan 2019

“Really happy. Everything was explained and demonstrated perfectly.”
Louise, Alterations, One-Day Course

“Excellent. Learned loads. Different types of alterations.”
Maire, Alterations, One-Day Course

“I really enjoyed the course and feel confident starting out on my own projects.”
Finn, Sewing Skills Bootcamp 

“Very easy to follow. Explanations simple so understanding was very good. An absolute must for anyone interested in dressmaking.”
Susan, Dressmaking Bootcamp, Nov 2018

“Very educational but enjoyable course Teaches you everything to get you started at dressmaking.”
Louise, Dressmaking Bootcamp, Nov 2018

“Really enjoyed both days, real sense of accomplishment after. Freda explained everything very clearly and was so patient.”
Louise, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Oct 18

“It was a really wonderful weekend. I feel like I learned a lot and have achieved enough confidence to attempt projects at home.”
Sarah, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Oct 2018

“I was a little apprehensive starting this course but discovered very quickly that no knowledge is assumed. The pace was perfect for a newbie like me. I learned so much. Excellent course.”
Colette, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Oct 2018

“Best Christmas present ever, the voucher for Sew Easy.”
Niamh, Sept 2018

“Having never plugged in a sewing machine, I was thrilled to bring home a bag and cushion after only 2 days. Great sense of achievement!”
Michelle, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Sept 2018

“Don’t hesitate — sign up and enjoy. Well worth it!”
Ciara, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Sept 2018

“A wonderful course for the complete beginner. It’s very exciting to have made both a bag and a cushion on a 2 day course.”
Aoife, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Sept 2018                                                      

“Pitched at exactly the right level. Freda has the patience of a bucketload of saints and great good humor.”
Niamh, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, Sept 2018                                     

“A wonderful way to spend a mindful day!”
Rosemary, Sewing Skills Bootcamp, June 2018“Great follow-on course after the Sewing Skills Bootcamp.”
Nessa, Dressmaking Bootcamp, Apr 2018

“Excellent two days, very thorough. I made a skirt!”
Kelly, Dressmaking Bootcamp, Apr 2018

“I originally did the Sewing Skills Bootcamp and continued on to the Brilliant Dressmaking Bootcamp I would never have been able to do this on my own.”
Ashley, Apr 18

“I did the Sewing Skills Bootcamp and the Dressmaking Bootcamp. The knowledge I have learned in such a short space of time is unbelievable.”
Wendy, Apr 18

“Thank you so much for the lovely class again this weekend – they just keep getting better and everyone who saw my cushion wants one. I have told them they need to go to your classes to make their own ?”
AT, Jun 18

“The Bootcamp was fantastic, much more enjoyable than you werould think.  Freda is brilliant, so patient and she really makes you think about how best to do things.  I really loved it.  Thank you so much.”
MJ, Dec 17

“The Bootcamp was an absolute pleasure and you made a very complicated instruction seem very easy.  Thank you so much!”
KK, Dec 17

“The Dressmaking Bootcamp is a fantastic course.  It is very clear, with lots of practical info and tips.”
SD, Dec 17

“The Level 2 Bootcamp – Dressmaking is a beautiful course with an excellent teacher.  Many thanks, I loved the course.”
AM, Dec 17

“We learned so much about dressmaking from using patterns. The wonderful thing about the class was that although it was a class of about ten people, whenever anyone was behind in the task, Frieda was always there to help individually which gave one the confidence to eventually catch up. She is an excellent teacher with such a positive personality. Definitely recommended! “
Soya, Dec 17

“I feel so much better a bout sewing and I have the confidence to try some things on my own. “
Ashley, Nov 17

“Sewing skills bootcamp is perfect for anyone who wants the basics or a refresher or just get started with sewing. Two wonderful ladies teach the course and they, along with the other participants, are so fun. The class is informative and gets you comfortable and confident. Cant wait to start sewing at home and sign-up for more classes with Its Sew Easy! “
Rachel, Nov 17

“Had so much fun and learnet so much. Freda was a gem and answered all questions big or small. Many thanks. “
Eimear, Nov 17

“Definitely the course to do if you want to learn the basics really well and apply those skills to everyday life. “
Miriam, Oct 17

“Thank you dear Freda for teaching me to sew a tote bag and cushion, for your clarity, patience and positivity throughout. “
Hanan, Oct 17

“Really enjoyable day. Freda is fantastic, so knowledgeable and patient. Very positive, relaxed learning environment. Definitely do it. “
Mary-Jane, Oct 17

“I really enjoyed the course and learned to use my sewing machine, which I have had for 10 years! “
Deirdre, Oct 17

“I really enjoyed this course. Freda is a wonderful teacher who explains things in an easy to understand way, even for beginners. It is a welcoming and friendly environment for anyone at any level. “
Janet, Oct 17

“Absolutely brilliant, really enjoyed it. “
Aedin, Oct 17

“Very enjoyable and I learned a lot. “
Margaret, Oct 17

“Excellent course. Freda is an excellent teacher. “
Sue, Oct 17

“Absolutely brilliant course. So well taught. Brilliant teacher. So fun and interesting. Will definitely do another. “
Emma, Oct 17

“Brilliant course, brilliantly taught. Sew Easy is right! Thank you. “
Roisin, Sep 17

“Great fun. Really enjoyed. “
Kathryn, Sept 17

“Fantastic Course. “
Laura, Sep 17

“It was a very practical and enjoyable course. “
Cecile, Sep 17

“I was so delighted with how much I learned and cant wait to book in to the next course. “
Emma, Sep 17

“I thought it was great. I learned more that expected. “
Siofra, Sep 17

“Thank you. Had a fab time. “
Ellen, Jun 17

“Had a great time and learned a lot. Had a bag and cushion to take home. Thank you. “
Mary, Jun 17

“Extremely helpful. “
Sophie, Jun 17

“Great course. “
Marie, Jun 17

“Excellent course, very well explained, perfect numbers.”
Vivienne, May 17

“I did the 2 Saturday Sewing Skills Bootcamp and thoroughly enjoyed it. Maebh shared years of experience, tips and tricks in the easiest terms.”
Wendy, May 17

“Hi Maebh, thank you for a great day last Saturday, learnt so much, can’t wait to make my first blind. Will be signing up again to do another class soon”
Jill, Mar 2017

“I highly recommend this course for anyone who has little/no experience or just simply wants a refresher with using a sewing machine. Freda is a wonderful and patient teacher who has helped me to decipher how to use a sewing machine and takes you through the two projects step-by-step. As the course was small in size it meant that Freda was able to go around to everyone and guide you throughout the course. Thank you for such an enjoyable experience Freda!”
Peggie, Feb 17

“I am so delighted I did this course. I was nervous that I would be the only beginner. It was not the case. I have learned a huge amount and I will definitely be back to further my skills. Many, many thanks to Freda for her absolute patience and kindness and the delicious sambos.”
Kirby, Feb 17

“Freda is an excellent teacher, love her, hope to be back soon.”
Nadir, Feb 2017

“Freda was fantastic, very helpful and lovely to deal with. Thank you very much. I’ll be back to more classes.”
Tracy, Feb 17

“The boot camp was great. I came here with no clue about a sewing machine and now I can make a bag and even a cushion! Thank you Freda and Maebh.”
Megane, Feb 17

“Experienced, patient instructors. Really clear and easy to follow guidance. Very enjoyable.”
Paula, Feb 17

“Brilliant Course, Freda is so patient so you learn everything bit by bit. Mistakes aren’t an issue.”
Tara, Feb 17

“No, Freda you were brilliant, thanks so much, You are a very good teacher and I’ve learnt loads.”
Kate, Feb 2017

“Thanks very much for your great help and patience! It’s been amazing.”
Victoria, Feb 2017

“Really enjoyable. Learned so much and delighted to be going home with my goodies.”
Elizabeth, Jan 17

“Great Course, great way to learn the basics”
Rowena, Jan 17

“Brilliant learning environment, just enough skills taught over the two weekends. Freda Teaches in a way that is very clear and easily understood. Will definitely be back.”
Aoife, Jan 17

“It was very worthwhile doing. I learned so much in such a small amount of time.”
Nicole, Jan 17

“Brilliant, just what I needed to learn to use a sewing machine. Pace was perfect for a beginner.”
AnneMarie, Jan 17

“Brilliant course, learning all the tricks and how to avoid the mistakes I made for years! Thanks a million. Also going home with a brand new pillow and a new bag is great.”
Giulia, Jan 17

“Was great. Looking forward to doing another course. Meabh is a great teacher and very patient.”
Kyria, Jan 17

“Brilliant course. Really enjoyed it and learned lots.”
Diane, Dec 16

“A great day out and a plus you learn a new skill.”
Junita, Nov 16

“Really enjoyable and informative course. Freda was so helpful and friendly. I feel I could tackle a project by myself now!”
Eve, Nov 16

“Enjoyed Freda’s tuition very much. Can’t wait to buy my own sewing machine now.”
Trudy, Nov 16

“Delighted with this course, feeling much more confident in from of my machine already”
Aoife, Nov 16

“Great course and great teaching, really good, clear explanations and gave me enormous confidence. Thank you. Really happy”
Barbra, Nov 16

“Really enjoyed the course, good fun and excellent tutor. Would recommend this course”
Elaine, Oct 16

“It was great”
Niamh, Oct 16

“Loved the bootcamp course. Found Freda to be very helpful, patient, a lot learned in a short time”
Sheila, Oct 16

“Freda’s teaching Method has given me so much confidence that has made me believe that I can tackle more projects. I have signed up for some more”
Simbo, Sep 2016

“Fab 2 day course, full on but so informative. Great fun as Freda makes everything so clear”
Pauline, Sep 16

“Thanks Freda”
Dawn, Sep 16

“As someone who had no experience, the course was very well thought out, bringing you through each step in a methodical way. Easy to follow and very enjoyable”
Orla, Aug 16

“Fantastic bootcamp, made learning to use a sewing machine feel easy and professional results achievable. Teacher gave very clear instructions. Day was great fun”
Niamh, Aug 16

“Will come back to you. Thank you Freda”
Eithne, Aug 16

“Brilliant course, really enjoyed it”
Mary, Aug 16

“Great fun and informative day. Lovely team. Can’t wait to come back”
Lorraine, July 16

“Really enjoyed today and learned so much, lovely atmosphere and excellent tuition.”
Elaine, July 16

“Really enjoyed this course and was amazed what you can do to garments to make them fit better – learned so much in one day! Thanks ‘It’s Sew Easy'”
Jennifer, July 16

“Thoroughly enjoyed the day, learned a lot of new skills now looking forward to putting them into practice”
Sindy, July 16

“Excellent course. Well worth doing”
Vanessa, July 16

“After doing the 1 day curtain making course in Jan I was able to make my own curtains which is why I returned to do the one day roman blind course which after completing I’m going home feeling confident I’ll make my own roman blinds too. Thank you Maebh after great day!”
Anne-Marie, July 2016

“Great Course”
Laura, July 2016

“A great course – never thought I’d be able to make a garment from scratch but I just did, And it was easy and fun!”
Jennifer, July 2016

“Had a great time at the dressmaking boot camp. Freda was a great teacher”
Aileen, July 2016

“Content excellent with achievable objectives.
Individual attention to help student achieve their best
Not rushed therefore time allowed to absorb information.
What an achievement to come away with a lovely bag and cushion, not to mention a range of sewing skills that can be adopted for the future. Marvelous teacher Freda. I will be back”
Deirdre, June 16

“A great course to learn how to sew. A really nice way to spend a Saturday. Thank you Freda”
Ciara, June 16

“The structure of the course was well laid out. I did not feel rushed, great pace, well explained, all questions answered clearly”
Karen, June 16

“Brilliant course, very relaxing and fun”
Laura, June 16

“I had a great time and learned lots. Small class size was ideal”
Aileen, June 16

“Very happy I came here”
Onajite, April 2016

“Really enjoyed the course. Picked up some good pointers and improved on areas. I would recommend the course for a beginner, very basic and slow paced. Looking forward to attempting the Alterations Course”
Anna, Apr 2016

“Many thanks for patience in teaching me a new skill from scratch”
Jacki, Mar 2016

“Really enjoyed course, found it very helpful, insightful, friendly. Makes me want to go on to bigger and better things”
Gerogina, Mar 2016

“Sew Easy is a great way to spend some time. The instruction is clear and concise. The atmosphere in the class is buzzing – full of camaraderie and fun”
Caroline, Feb 2016

“This course is like mindfulness with a purpose. Thoroughly enjoyed it and Freda Is incredibly patient”
Geraldine, Feb 2016

“Loved this course! I definitely noticed my improvement right from the very first class. Freda was an excellent teacher and her advice was invaluable”
Niamh, Feb 2016

“Excellent course with wonderful and engaging tutor. No question asked is too silly. No mistake made is too big. Excellent. Thank you Freda”
Vanessa, Feb 2016

“A hugh thank you to Freda for her time, energy and patience with us learners. The easy way she explained every step of the course made it so much fun and she has us all addicted to our machine’s now. A great sense of achievement”
Melanie, Feb 2016

“Everything was perfect. Lovely course”
Nicola, Feb 2016

“An excellent course. Small groups size meant we all learnt a lot. Freda’s easy style helped us to have a lot of fun at the same time. Highly recommended”
Lynda, Feb 2016

“Extremely helpful and enjoyable course. Thank you Freda for teaching me how to sew a zipper with confidence and for being so friendly and patient throughout.”
Deirdre, Feb 2016

“Great Course, Great Teacher.”
Thea, Feb 2016

“Thoroughly enjoyed myself while learning the basics. I now feel very confident with my machine, thanks to a super teacher.”
Laura, Feb 2016

“The course was interesting, fun and easy.”
Felisa, Feb 2016

“Brilliant course. Had done a very small amount of work on the sewing machine before the course, but got lots of hints and tips for using the machine. Relaxed atmosphere, great for learning.”
Karen – Feb 2016

“Perfect for beginners. Enjoyed it all and have a lovely cushion to show for it! Thanks a mil – will be back.”
Mary – Feb 2016

“The skills taught are easy/well taught. Freda is a great teacher!”
Sinead – Jan 2016

“The sewing boot-camp was fantastic – I am now confident enough to use a sewing machine after never touching one before. Freda was also a great and patient teacher.”
Jennifer – Jan 2016

“This course has been a tremendous event for me. The sense of achievement at the end of each Saturday was so satisfying. Freda was so patient and has such a great sense of humour.”
SA – Jan 2016

“Wonderful course. Freda makes it so easy.”
Debora – Jan 2016

“I really enjoyed and greatly benefited from the Sewing Skills Boot-camp. The excellent tuition, cleverly planned goal-centered programme and convivial atmosphere were just what I needed. I was amazed at my progress, having acquired all the necessary basic skills in a relaxed environment. These skills will be a terrific platform from which I hope to make further progress. Thanks, Freda and Maebh – I’ll be back!”

“I have just attended the Roman Blind course,  it was brilliant, I was a bit nervous to start but Maebh is the true professional and I relaxed.  We made our own blind so that we would remember each step.  Step by step guidelines were given also.  I have started my own blinds now and I am looking forward to the curtain making course.
I have the sewing bug thanks to Maebh!!”

“Thank you for an excellent bootcamp in sewing. I last used a sewing machine in my school days, which is over 20 years ago. I couldn’t believe how much we learnt in just two days with easy to following instruction. I would recommended this class to anyone who wants to get back into sewing or just try it out. No equipment needed just yourself. You will enjoy learning new skills and love the sense of achievement that in just in a two days you will have made your own bag and cushion.”

“I always wanted to learn how to sew and how to use a sewing machine. Finally I got a sewing machine last Christmas and I booked my place with Maebh Walsh: beginners Bootcamp, two full saturdays. I must say i had never used a sewing machine before and i left with a tote bag which i made myself… the first day!!!!!!! You start learning all the basics ( believe me, you need to know how the machine works before you touch it!!) and once you know that Maebh guides you and you SEW!!! Maebh makes you feel confortable and is always there to help and clear doubts.
I really, really recommend this Bootcamp Level one for any one interested in getting the basic sewing skills.”

“Taking up sewing was the best thing I ever did. It is more than just a hobby for me – it provides me with the means to gain inner confidence and a skill that is both practical and creatively fulfilling. Thanks to Maebh and Freda for their extraordinary teaching.”
Kay C

“Maebh makes you feel totally comfortable in her class no matter what level you’re at. She guides you through the dress-making process step by step and before you know it you’ve made something you never imagined you would be able to make at the start. It’s a great place to sit down, relax and really enjoy learning how to sew.”

“He hecho un curso de costura, de tan solo dos sabados consecutivos y he conseguido aprender a utilizar la maquina de coser, y no solo, eso he hecho una bolsa, que puedo usar y un cojín que adorna mi habitacón, increible.
Recomiendo con mi mayor convicción la academia de costura de Maebh Walsh, con su paciente y dedicada, maestra Freda. No veo la hora de hacer otro curso con vosotras. Gracias.”
Belen, Dublin

“Just wanted to say a big thanks for a brilliantly organised and executed curtain making class on Saturday 1st March. I really enjoyed the experience, you are a great teacher. I’m definitely coming back for more classes.”

“Cannot recommend Sew Easy Boot Camps highly enough! Step by step instruction, basic machine skills and a very friendly learning environment. I will be back!”

“Such a unique and friendly atmosphere! You’ll be surprised what you learn, and how easily you learn it! Such a wonderful experience, and such a useful skill to learn. Loved every bit of it.”

“Sew Easy Bootcamp is a fantastic way of learning the basics of using a machine. The class is well structured and a really relaxed environment. Thanks so much. I’m sure I will be signing up to another class soon.”

“One word: FAN-TAS-TIC! Exactly what I was looking for….refreshing my past knowledge and having more confidence on my future projects!”

“After having a negative experience with another sewing school that nearly put me off this hobby altogether, I was thrilled at the Sew Easy Bootcamp. Superb teaching, excellent atmosphere and I left  with a feeling of real accomplishment and can’t wait for the Dressmaking Course.”

“Freda is the best teacher I’ve ever had! A very cheerful and friendly place. Loved it.”

“What a brilliant and fun way to learn to sew. Thoughtful and really informative step by step teaching means anyone can do it! Would highly recommend Sew Easy Bootcamps for beginners.”

“Ho appena fatto un corso, di tan solo 2 giorni, e sono riuscita a imparare a maneggiare,la machina da cuscire, e non solo, anche sono riuscita a fare una borsa, e un cuscino. Sono veramente entusiasta. L’academia de Maebh Walsh é un posto da raccomandare, e con la sua insegnante Freda, e veramente un piacere imparare. Non vedo l’ora di ricominciare un’altro corso. Grazie.”
Belen, Dublin

“Freda made it so easy to learn a new skill and in such a short time!”

“So confident with my machine now. I feel I can sew anything!”

“Very enjoyable class. so proud of my results.”

“Very enjoyable. Easy to understand. Very patient teacher. Would do further courses with Maebh.”

“Had a great time! Very clear instructions. I will definitely recommend to friends.”

“Excellent days work, very pleased with my cushion. Very patient instructor I will definitely recommend to friends.”

“Aoife attended “Spring Sewing” and she thoroughly enjoyed the course. She would love to attend a class on a weekly basis but failing that she will attend again over the summer. Thank you for making the course so enjoyably for the girls.”

“Excellent course, good instruction to the basic stitches and use of sewing machine. Pace of instruction was good and not too fast. Suggestion re different stitches; perhaps a handout describing the different stitches for reference purpose. I’d be interested in attending the alteration “Make do and Mend” one day course.”

“‘Introduction to Sewing’ one day course was a very enjoyable day. Delighted to learn how to use a sewing machine and make a cushion. Definitely something I will keep up. Hopefully back  for another class.”

“Maeve is an excellent teacher and very patient as I am a pure beginner. We have great fun in the class and I’m going to continue until the tennis season starts and I can sew on my own.”

“Katie loved every minute of the Spring Sewing Camp. She now has the skills and the enthusiasm to start making things herself. She can’t wait for the next one! Thanks Maebh”
Katie & Hilary O’Connor

“Sewing Course really good. Easy to understand. Great patient teacher, in a friendly creative atmosphere. Have learned an enormous amount. Love it and would highly recommend anyone to try it – no matter at what level.”

“Maebh, thoroughly enjoyed your sewing class and am delighted with the dress I made. Am so looking forward to your “Creative Cushion” course. And “Curtain Making” after that. Thank you. You really do make it ‘so easy’!”
F Morgan

“Great class. Maebh’s hints and tips for making and fitting are fantastic. You end up with a garment that fits.”

“Sewing classes are so enjoyable – I’m hooked ! Maebh is so patient I feel much more confident about sewing after only six weeks.”

“Maebh makes sewing class so easy and a course with her is always a laugh.”

“It’s only seweasy with Maebh ! On my own – very difficult ! Many thanks.”