thread organiser

DIY: How to Make a Thread Organizer

We all love our working space to be organised and tidy – don’t we? Unfortunately we all know that it is difficult to be achieved in practice.  This little crafty tutorial might help you to organise your threads and help you to make your work station look more cosy.   You can also go with something that looks a bit more heavy:

t-shirt jewelery

DIY: Old t-shirts-turned-accessories

Today we want to share with you a very simple tutorial – how to use old t-shirts to make some nice jewellery. We love upcycling at SewEasy. Simple bracelet made of old t-shirt: Straight Knot Necklace: How To Make a Rope Scarf/Necklace from a t-shirt     Easy Fringe Scarf Tutorial

Last minute Halloween Costumes Ideas

The Halloween Day is almost over but most of the Halloween parties are happening only over the coming weekend. For all those who haven’t figure their costumes out yet we have few suggestions.   You can still throw together a last-minute DIY costume without spending to much for on one of the many threadbare, off the shelf costumes. 1. Some cool ideas for the families, but not only on      2. Comic characters, I […]

stencil painting

Renovating Furniture with Stencil Design

Check out this tutorial from explaining how to make stencils. Painting with stencils is  an easy way  of  renovating and decorating interiors – walls, furniture or simply making pictures and postcards.  Stencils can be also also re-usable so in case you require exactly the same pattern to be repeated few times stencils will be the technique that you are looking for.  Access this stencil painting tutorial