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Few Super Cute Ideas for spring dresses for girls

The spring is coming and I can feel that.  I started thinking about some cute gifts to my three little nieces. There are so many options in the shops but I think that nothing can win with cute sweet colorful dress. Especially if it is hand made. And if it goes with some matching adult-like gadgets.

I was looking for good few hours to find some inspirations and here is what I ended up with.

1. My first idea is to sew this darling green dress

It is form the shauna@shwinandshwin tutorial which I found on her blog.  She in order modified slightly another dress tutorial from Check both of them and sew along! This is what I am going to do!

tutorial for the girls dress

2. Another idea for 5 year old girl is to sew this sweet tunic with the birdy pattern. 

I have already started and have very similar fabric with owls.  And here you can find very detailed tutorial for this lovebird tunic

girl tunic pattern and tutorial

3. My third niece will be getting the kimono style wrap dress.

I found it  as well on and think it will look great if i use a more vibrant colours.

Cute Kimono Dress

So, these are the three dresses I am going to sew. Feel free to coment and add links to the pages where we could find free patterns and tutorials. I am sure many of us will be interestes.

And finally, this is something I wanted to show you. I couldn’t resist! I love this asymmetric cover. It is sooo cute and colourful! It would be deal for darker colder days but still remind about the sunshine. Don’t you think? I you come across the pattern like this let us know!

cute colorful baby girl sleeveless  coat