Paper Christmas Star Decoration

This year my christmas tree an the windows will be full of stars. Big ans small christmas stars. I can accross this tutorial and realy liked the idea. You would need a thick sturdy pater, scisors, double sided tape and lots of patience. If you want the pattern dn a few photos of how it looks – check it here a the following link: Paper Christmas Star All thanks to Twoje DIY tutorial. For more photos […]

DIY Christmas Decorations

What can be more wonderful than spending some quality time together with your dearest ones while getting ready for Christmas.  I love this time when I can gather all children ,  my nephews an nieces together  and show them that the christmas tree decorations do not have to be necessarily bought from  the shops, but they can be hand made. I wanted to share  a collection of DIY Christmas tree decorations that I compiled for […]

DIY Christmas projects

There are so many great DIY Christmas projects out there..  I really couldn’t help myself – and I  had to share some of them  with you dear reades some of them. The first one is this amazing advent calendar. It is more like a piece of furniture , a home decor but I absolutely love it. If I only had tools to make it, I would. I found it on website.   Or for example […]